All areas of the Musée Les Mineurs Wendel and La Mine Wendel are accessible to people with disabilities.
The following arrangements are in place for the reception and comfort of these visitors:

Visitors with mobility disabilities

  • Specific parking spaces

  • Solid paths through the exhibition areas (Musée Les Mineurs Wendel, La Mine Wendel) and in the mine pit head to ensure that wheelchair users can access the entire site

  • Reception desk, lavatories and cafeteria adapted for disabled users

  • Suitable museum environment (lowered furniture, suitable paths etc.).

  • Lifts in the La Mine Wendel areas providing access to all tunnels.

Visitors with visual disabilities

  • Contrasting and adapted texts, lighting, cartels and signage in the Musée Les Mineurs Wendel areas

  • An accompanying booklet for a visit to the Musée Les Mineurs Wendel available from reception, containing all the texts presented in the museum printed in size 18 font.

  • Adapted alarm systems

  • Musée Les Mineurs Wendel visitor path linking texts with sound recordings (audio terminals explaining the original function of the rooms, archive films, testimonials heard through headphones, etc.).

Visitors with hearing disabilities

  • Installation of magnetic loops in the Musée Les Mineurs Wendel explanatory audio terminals. These terminals present the original function of the rooms which now play host to the exhibition space.

  • Adapted alarm systems

Visitors with mental disabilities

  • Tunnels and exhibition spaces designed to ease movement and understanding for visitors with mental disabilities

  • Specific welcome by a cultural mediation team upon request (adapted educational activities etc.)